Full or Half Body Massage – Sports & Relaxing

Luci massage demonstration
Massage therapy through Hydrotherm massage

At Fit for You we use the Hydrotherm massage system for all full or half body massages:

  • Two water pillows filled with warm water
  • Kept at a pleasureable 37 degrees
  • Allows you to remain face up throughout the entire massage
  • Ayurvedic Naturally Blended Aromatic Oils

The Benefits of Hydrotherm’s full or half body massage:

  • Water displacement rather than physical lifting leads to an uninterrupted full or half body massage
  • Gentle heat soothes pain
  • Your body is supported in natural spinal alignment

The Feeling:

  • Relaxation that goes beyond the conventional massage – resulting in an immediate sense of well-being
  • The hydrotherm full or half body massage that can help you on a spiritual journey

The User:

  • Anyone and every one can benefit from the Hydrotherm experience
  • Hydrotherm massage is particularly beneficial for pregnant and elderly clients
  • Hydrotherm ia also an extremely beneficial medium to assist chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths