Personalised Fitness Classes!


If You are looking for the Personal Training touch at an affordable price, the time is now!

Fit for You are starting organised Health & Fitness Classes in the DH4 area & are planning other venues starting soon

Click on this link to register at 1st Burnmoor Scouts Hall​

You will experience basic exercise tuition to begin with, this ensures correct functional movement & allows you to iron out those problem/injured areas, moving on to a combination of exercise programs in either class or circuit format, all carried out for you at your pace & all in a one hour session.

The aim is deliver the personal training experience to a larger audience in a group environment

Expect to....

...ache in places you never thought you had for approx 24-36hrs after

...have a bit of fun πŸ˜‰

...learn how to move properly

...get warm & out of breath

...make the most of your health for the future

...relax πŸ™‚

Working with Fit for You

…… we assess all of the above areas, and program your training accordingly

You will receive a combination of flexibility, strengthening, core & abdominal exercises, including;

Flexibility - The optimum amount of muscle movement within every joint

Muscle Endurance - The ability to carry out basic tasks/exercises for an amount of time

Muscle Strength - The required amount of strength ot carry out an individual task without harm to the muscle or other soft tissues

Body Composition - The optimum healthy amount of body-fat for your body taking into consideration any specific sporting requirement or level

Cardiovascular Ability (VO2) - The ability for your heart and lungs to work together and deliver oxygenated blood to your muscles and organs, and remove carbondioxide

Mental Balance - A certain emotional levelness

Balance/Equilibrium - Being stable standing on one leg, or feeling in control standing on a moving object

Motor Skills - The ability to react physically to environmental change, i.e. can you bring your arm up quick enough to stop a ball hitting your face, or, can you jump out of the way of a dog running at your legs

In addition to the above you will also have the ability to;

Eat, move & live healthier, reducing body-fat & re-shaping your body


1st Burnmoor Scouts Hall