November 18, 2010


Phil Cordell


A lot of people think they can be motivated by a personal trainer or by someone telling they need to get fit or they’ll become ill, or some statistic in a magazine

Motivation comes from within, and it is part of an individuals belief system, no matter what someone tells another, it is only if/when they believe it that it starts to be part of them and then change can begin, until the belief is changed the actions remain the same (you have to have the thought before the action, that is how people can get stuck in habits both positive and negative) they talk one thing and think the other, usually they think something un-positive, do the action then feel guilty, say they’ll change, but repeat the loop

The way I approach this is through asking loads of questions of an individual, and asking what they think they’ll get out a better lifestyle, when I have a few of these, and get a strong response from the client I make sure that becomes part of the way I talk to them, so if they say they want to live long enough and healthy enough to see their kids grow up and to be a good role model to their grandchildren I make this part of my general dialogue

This is something that I learned when practising NLP and Hypnotherapy, and the motivation comes from within the individual

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Written by Phil Cordell

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