About Fit For You

Fit for You began in 1998 and has grown to provide clients with a complete Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Service.

Personal Training, Presentations, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Massage & Lifestyle Coaching are just a few of the benefits using Fit for You.

We have extensive experience in dealing with all Health issues including; Diabetes, Cancer, Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Sports Injury, Post Operative, Pre-Post Natal, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Back Pain relief, strokes, and many more!

Phil Cordell, plus a range of associates, are dedicated to helping people increase their Health & Fitness.

If you require regular exercise training, massage or nutrition advice personally, presentations to your staff, or are looking to train staff to oversee/manage your company fitness facilities, Fit for You are here to assist (we can also offer Personal Trainer Certification).

We opened our first studio in 2005, and now have the facilities in our studio only 5 mins away from Durham, 2 mins from the A1

 AIMS : Fit for You aim to develop as a complete Lifestyle, Nutrition & Fitness Consultancy, offering the most up to date and results based health information, to improve people’ Health & Life.

Teaching the ‘real’ effects of poor nutrition, short & long term, & how to combat them, using the best fitness Durham can offer.

THE PHILOSOPHY OF FIT FOR YOU IS TO TEACH :    We can help you to learn about yourself physically, mentally and nutritionally. We can help you to re-evaluate your life and keep you on track - looking forward, not back.

Physical, mental or lifestyle changes may take time. The results are worth it.

Fit for You use the most up-to-date and proven methods to help you make optimum use of the time. The route to "whole health" is a matter of choice.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs