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Health check and fitness assessment Durham

“Physical, mental or lifestyle changes may take time. The results are worth it."

Phil Cordell – Personal Health, Life & Fitness Coach

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Health Check

Fitness Assessment

Would You Expect Your Mechanic to Certify Your Car on Your Say So?

Thats Why You NEED a Health Assessment When WE Start OUR Journey Together

1 on 1 Means Just That I Will Take YOU From Where YOU Are Now to Where YOU Want to be in X Amount of Days!



But Before All That….

…YOU NEED a Health Assessment Durham!

Health check and fitness assessment Durham

“Physical, mental or lifestyle changes may take time. The results are worth it."

Phil Cordell – Fit for you

My Phil-osophy



about yourself physically,

mentally and nutritionally.



your life and keep yourself on track.


Keep moving forward

        never look back

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Ready to take your fitness to the next level?



Always know what you’ll pay.

Standard Assessment



90 min assessment

Your health history, dietary history, your physical wants & needs
BMI (weight/height)
Body fat
(cardiovascular heart &
lung function)
Basic postural Assessment

Detailed Fitness Assessment


Including Standard Fitness Assessment +

2.5 hr assessment

+ on-line questionnaire

Full Detailed Postural Assessment
Advanced Metabolic Typing Nutritional assessment

Health & Lifestyle Assessment


Including Detailed Fitness Assessment +

further questionairres

+ 2 further 60min consultations

Lifestyle analysis
1 hr consultation at studio or via telephone.
​Optional ​1to1 physical assessment at our studio (depending on logistics)
​2 x 60 mins ‘Report of findings’ presentation.
​A personal plan to become healthier.
Exercise Assessment
Sleep Assessment

Why Choose The Health & Lifestyle Assessment?

The lifestyle analysis, is very in depth and addresses all areas of your life, including a 10 day food, sleep & exercise diary.

This is a complete & very comprehensive appraisal of underlying health factors, and potential issues, used to assess the effect your current lifestyle is having on your body.

​Ideal for those who wish to look in the most detailed methods available, or those who with diagnosed illness that wish to resolve the causes, and avoid, reduce ​or totally remove medication from their life !

In graph form we will show you the effect that your current lifestyle is having on major systems within the body i.e./ digestion circulation, blood sugar control etc. Most long term complaints, including weight gain, are signs or symptoms of much deeper rooted chemical imbalances within the body at cell level.

 Your exercise and sleep is assessed using a 10 day food diary.

We will assess your readiness for change and help YOU to decide what YOUR priorities are to begin improving areas of your life and overall long term health. You will understand:

Which lifestyle factors that directly impact your life and are modifiable

i.e./; sleep, stress, relaxation.

Environmental Factors


Health benefits of exercise, exercise for different types


​The effects of sports nutrition, sports drinks etc.

Exercise for weight loss

You will understand why every meal, every bout of exercise and every late night has a hormonal/physical consequence.

You will have a complete analysis of your lifestyle and lifestyle habits plus recommendations to improve.

​If you want a complete health assessment, and start your route to excellent and vitality.

Health & Lifestyle Assessment Durham


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