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Health check and fitness assessment Durham

“Physical, mental or lifestyle changes may take time. The results are worth it."

Phil Cordell – Personal Health, Life & Fitness Coach

How Fit for You can help you avoid obesity!


Health check and fitness assessment Durham
Worldwide Obesity

What health program do you want for both you and your family?

Have you ever thought it was expensive to contract a Personal Trainer?

Most people I meet want; the six-pack, slim arms, loads of energy, less pain and a long healthy future.

When I take on a client they very often say they’ve tried everything else but it didn’t work, or that they are starting now and nothing will stop them getting what they want, either way, that’s why they’ve come to me.

You may have spent £’s on all of this, we still see people with too much weight to get rid of, squeezing into clothes, that do not cover the real story, using certain stripes, and colours, styles and combinations all to give the impression of an attractive size and shape, muffin tops attempting to conceal or camouflage shapeless limbs, pale skin covered with fake tans and make-up, without understanding that other people can see the real you. It is like getting an old Skoda car painting it red, putting a fancy badge on it and calling it a Ferrari.

When we go through the program required, to help make the changes, that’s when the excuses often begin;

‘I don’t think that will work!’ (When you take your car to the garage, how many times have you said the mechanic’s ‘I don’t think that will work?’)

‘I don’t have the time’

‘I’ll not change my eating my eating but rely on the exercise’

‘I’m always on my feet, so that should do it’

‘Personal Training is very expensive’

Plus, many other excuses of how they cannot do the very things they came to me to learn

In general, if you have not got the knowledge to do something you would usually get informed or hire someone who is informed, either way the next step is to apply the methods, check how you are progressing and modify if necessary.

A Personal Trainer is the equivalent of your physical mechanic, you pay him to do the job which should be to advise you; how, when & why to exercise, how, when and why to consume certain foods, which lifestyle changes to consider, when to re-assess and modify where necessary.

Remember, you’ve tried all the other options, if you have used, or considered using; slimming food, cover-up clothes, cosmetic surgery, make-up, fake tan, different hairstyles, push-up bras, pull-in pants, diet tablets or meal replacements………. etc.

You can think of all the excuses to prevent you getting what you want but, by making the changes that you will be advised, you will get the results, you already know this, you will also save £’s by not paying for the latest fad ‘patches’, gimmicks and scams

Use your Personal Trainer value him/her and make the commitment to apply the advise, and achieve that healthier, fitter, better looking You!

Worldwide Obesity


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