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Foods That Are Deceptively Advertised


Health check and fitness assessment Durham

1. Whole Grains
Many foods from bread to breakfast cereals  that are now made with whole grains may be deceptively advertised. While it’s true that the fiber from whole grains can protect you from cancer,3 conventional whole grains are not necessarily your best option.

Conventional whole grains lack vitamins and minerals, can be difficult to digest, and often cause allergenic responses, contributing to autoimmune disorders like Celiac disease.4

A better alternative? Grain-like seeds millet, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth are gluten free, do not feed candida act as prebiotics, have a calming effect and are full of vitamins and minerals.

For more on Body Ecology’s recommended grain-like seeds, read: The Risks of Consuming Typical Gains and the Healthy Grains to Choose Instead

2. Fruit Juice and Sodas
Fruit juice may be delicious, but it’s often loaded with even more high-fructose corn syrup than actual juice! High fructose corn syrup has been linked to increased cholesterol levels, blood clots, and impaired immunity. Sodas are no better as we all are well aware.

A FAR better alternative? Delicious, healthy and convenient Dong Quai and Coco-Biotic, both of which you are strongly urged to learn more about and try today!

Another good choice is Young Coconut Kefir mixed with sparkling mineral water and flavored with Stevia and lemon or lime juice makes a fizzy and sweet “soda.”
Find out how to replace juices and caffeine laden “energy” drinks with healing probiotic liquids by reading: Energy Drink Nutrition: The Dangers You Need to Know and the Best Choices Instead

3. Cereal
Cold cereal seems like a convenient and healthy meal, but combined with pasteurized milk, it can be a bowl full of nutritionally damaging food. Cereal itself undergoes a process called extrusion that denatures its proteins (making them toxic) and destroys the grains’ naturally occurring fatty acids. The result is a nutritionally void carrier for sugar and sodium.

For more on cereal and healthy alternatives, read: The Four Major Health Risks of Conventional Grains and the Healthy Weight-Optimizing Grains to Choose Instead on

A better alternative? Make your morning meal green! Try Vitality SuperGreenor a Good Morning Greens Smoothie from to start your day off right.

Follow that with some healthy breakfast ideas from Donna Gates!


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