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Healthy Dried Food?


Health check and fitness assessment Durham

Dried food


There is no such thing as a healthy ‘dried’ food.  The cooking process (extrusion) is carried out at temperatures which damage proteins and DNA. The stomach is not able to digest dehydrated food which has had the natural water content and enzymes removed/destroyed. The animal attempts to compensate by taking water and enzymes from its own body to help with the digestive process. This puts strain on the entire metabolic system, including the immune system.  Just watch how much water your dog ingests after eating dry food. It over compensates.  It then takes hours for that water to permeate through the dry food which is wedged into the stomach like a brick wall. I became passionate about the effects of dried food whilst assisting a vet who had inserted a tube into one of my dogs stomach whilst suffering a gastric torsion.  I was horrified by what came out. I then attended a seminar by Wendy Volhard and was even more horrified when I learned the truth about the pet food industry.  My dogs are now all fed on raw meat and bones with minimal vegetation.

My 13 year old dog has lovely white teeth, has never required dental treatment, and the younger two look fitter and healthier than most of the dogs they encounter. I have put together a comprehensive webpage concerning nutrition, with many links: acorn dog training if anyone has any further information for this site, please contact me via the site and let me know.  I look forward to seeing how Mercola Healthy Pets develops and wish everyone who is involved in this the greatest of success. It is greatly needed.


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