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Health check and fitness assessment Durham

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Healthy Eating to lose Bodyfat


Health check and fitness assessment Durham

Healthy Eating to lose Bodyfat

I thought this paragraph from newsletter might be of interest;

Health Tip
If you want to lose weight, eat only 3 meals a day with plenty of quality animal fat and protein.
No snacking or eating starches or sugars! Non-starchy vegetables are good. If you must eat fruit, limit it to 1 or 2 fresh, organic whole fruit per day (no juices). You should be satisfied until the next meal. If not, analyze your previous meal. You may not have eaten enough fat and/or protein. Be sure the animal fat and protein is from healthy animals. The less it’s cooked the more nutrients you will receive. As an added bonus, emotional well-being is gained by ingesting omega-3 fatty acids. These can be obtained from various animal proteins (ex: wild caught, fresh salmon), but when eating beef or lamb, it can only be obtained from grass-fed animals.
Source: Healthy Weight Loss CD
by David J. Getoff, CTN, CCN, FAAIM


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