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Health check and fitness assessment Durham

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Phil Cordell – Personal Health, Life & Fitness Coach

Metabolic Typing a Family Diary – Week 1


Health check and fitness assessment Durham

Firstly we discussed the changes with the whole family, the decision was to reduce costs of food, plan better for meals, and eat a little less, but making sure we stick to our Metabolic Typing findings.

SHOPPING was specifically for food only to our type, with a few exceptions (more about that later.) We purchased enough protein at the local whole-sale meat store, buying beef, chicken, eggs (having missed our usual egg supplier) and some fruit/veg. Our second shop was one of the main supermarkets, where we bought the basic packaged essentials, at this stage we had made a decision not to buy; crisps, biscuits, cheap bread etc, that may have in the past crept into our trolley. What we did buy that was not on our list, was ingredients for cake making, this would replace the crisps & biscuits that we supplemented our diets with previously.

COOKING Baking was done Sunday, whilst preparing the sunday roast, our 7yr old helped make a coffee cake, and Tracy made a fruit loaf. These are the only additions to our strict Metabolic Type meal plan for the week.

Another change is that our 16 & 14 yr old children share the food preparation and cooking, each having 2 days cooking per week, the other days Tracy and I share, with help from kids if required.

All meals to take in consideration that enough be made to be able to use as packed lunch for the next day.

EATING is now from a moderate sized side plate. This was a concious decision, as we say to our clients, if your weight is constantly more than you would like, you can reduce your intake by 10% per meal which would reduce your weight theoretically by 1-2lbs per week


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