Metabolic Typing Explained – Video


Phil Cordell


Metabolic Typing explained, if you want to have your Metabolic Type assessed, and start your route to excellent and vitality, please feel free to contact us at Fit for You

METABOLIC TYPING optimum nutrition

‘Fit for You’ are certified, advanced, advisors of the Healthexcel Metabolic Typing programmes, the worlds leading health program.

It’s history began in the late 1880’s with Louis Pasteur (chemistry professor) and is lead today by  William  L Wolcott, considered the leading authority on Metabolic Typing.

Metabolic Typing is a long proven method of assessing the major control systems within the body and establishing the correct food/fuel and supportive supplements for the body.

Eating outside of your metabolic type can push the balance of your body’s chemistry in the wrong direction.

You may be experiencing: Constant tiredness, bloatedness, constant food cravings, digestive problems or any other symptoms.

Metabolic Typing can put you on the right track with your nutritional needs.

Here is a video of William Walcott explaining metabolic typing:

Eating within your Metabolic Type allows you to :

Ÿ         Enjoy more energy

Ÿ         Begin to re-address your body’s ‘ body chemistry’

Ÿ         Reduce/ prevent chronic conditions

Ÿ         Achieve you ideal weight

Ÿ         Take control of your life You will understand:

Ÿ         How unique you are!

Ÿ         How unique your nutritional needs are!

Ÿ         How important knowing your Metabolic Type is!

You will learn:

Ÿ         The importance of choosing the correct foods for you and the importance of quality

Ÿ         Water and optimal hydration

Ÿ         How to evaluate and make changes to your nutritional needs when necessary. Why  correct supplementation is important.

Ÿ         What supplements are best for your type.

Written by Phil Cordell

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