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Health check and fitness assessment Durham
Red Meat

Red Meat, is it such a danger?

The Sun published this article Tues March 24th.

Eating red meats increases the risk of dying from heart disease and cancer – but chicken reduces the danger, a huge study has found.
Half-a-million Americans had their diet logged over ten years by the US National Cancer Institute.
Risk of early death rose by 13 per cent in those who ate 160g a day of red and processed meat.

Fit for You comment

It seems that every article is telling you something is good or bad, without actually defiining the reasons why. In the western society we tend to overcook meat, red or white. When we over cook protein it is less easily digested by our system and can sit for longer in the bodys process, this could be one of the main reasons why our society has been prone more illness. Both Francis Pottenger & Weston A Price, have produced evidence from extensive studies in the early 1900’s on the effect of processed foods, and the relation to human illness, these studies are part of the foundation of Metabolic Typing, which is; a nutritional assessment and program, for people to eat to to their specific requirements, and is available today.

It can be frustrating to hear a comment in the paper being taken as read, when there are so many basic things we can do to prevent illness, and greatly improve our health and longevity.

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