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What choice should I make when considering sports snack!


Health check and fitness assessment Durham
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What choices do you make for your sports snack when you go to exercise? Now I don’t know what they have had at home, but, I do see what they have at the studio. I’m going to share what I see, what effect it may be having, and how you can improve your choice.


Sunday morning, arrive at the gym 10.30, book in, and go to the cafe where they’re serving bacon rolls, and coffee.

Collect a chocolate bar, a bottle of juice or energy drink, maybe 500ml of water.

Then off to the changing rooms, after the session eating a bit of sandwich prepared at home, and a swig of water, later on after going in the sauna, drinking half of the energy drink, after a swim in the pool, they start to eat the chocolate bar and finish eating it, plus drinking the remainder of the energy drink by the time they’ve showered and changed.

Possibly finishing, unsatisfied with the training session, bloated and hungry.

What did that do for you?

Dependant on whether you had breakfast, lets say you had cereal and a cup of tea, (and taking in consideration what you consumed on the Sat night.) You probably didn’t need the additional calories from the bacon sandwich, the white bread roll will slow you down, making you feel tired within an hour, and for some of you it may distend your stomach. This distension could result in making you feel like you’ve got trapped wind and preventing you from generating power or maintaining contraction of the stomach muscles caused by instability in the midsection.

Tiredness and lack of consistency may be a result of dehydration, possibly from the night before, lack of water in the morning and leeched from the system by drinking tea and coffee.

The energy drink will put you on a sugar high but drop you soon after, with ever decreasing longevity.

Tired, hungry and bloated, with no improvement to personal score.

What are the options?

Consider if you are planning an exercise session, avoiding or reducing your alcohol intake the night prior to the session.

Make sure you drink at least 3 medium glasses of water when you wake up, and have a balanced (wheat free) breakfast i.e. 2 egg omelette & 1 piece of fruit.

If you have a tea or coffee at the gym, have at least that amount in water to remain hydrated.

Prepare or buy; a 1.5 litre of water, 2 pieces of fruit, a scotch egg, mixed nuts, ham slices, to have available whilst in the Health Club, saving yourself some cash too.

It’s as simple as that!


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