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Health check and fitness assessment Durham

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Suicide By Sugar


Health check and fitness assessment Durham

Suicide By Sugar

It is a dangerous, addictive white powder that can be found in abundance throughout this

country. Once associated only with cavities and simple weight gain, it is now linked to a host of devastating health conditions including cancer, epilepsy, dementia, hypoglycemia, obesity, and more. In this book, sugar addiction expert Dr. Nancy Appleton and health writer G.N. Jacobs not only expose the exorbitant levels of sugar we ingest, but also document the connection between our current health crisis and our sweet tooth.

Health Tip
Sugar Affects Kids Worse Than Adults.

Sugar may be worse for kids than it is for adults because kids react so strongly and with much wilder swings of body chemistry. The immune system is still developing the acquired immunity to fight off infections, and the digestive system must learn to handle the variety of foods in our diet. A child’s body is learning and working continually, and sugar just causes it to work harder. These body chemistry changes not only cause physical ailments, such as allergies and asthma, but have also, in many studies put children on a roller coaster of emotional effects that include hyperactivity, aggressiveness, sadness, low self-esteem, mania, sleeplessness, and many more.

Book Review Suicide by Sugar, A Startling Look at Our #1 National Addictionby Nancy Appleton, PhD


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