More exercise means less pain for back pain sufferers

AaBb 03 June 2009

It’s reckoned that up to 80 per cent of people suffer from chronic lower back pain some time or another – and you can reduce the pain by exercising more.

Researchers have found that the more back pain sufferers exercise, the greater they experience pain relief, and their quality of life improves. Those who go to the gym four days a week report greater pain relief than those who go just twice or three times a week.

Researchers from the University of Alberta made the discovery when they studied the lifestyles of 240 men and women with chronic back pain. Regular gym goers reported 28 per cent less pain and 36 per cent improved mobility compared with those who go only two or three times a week.
Everyone in the group was exercising with weights.

(Source: American College of Sports Medicines annual conference, Seattle, Washington; May 30, 2009).

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Written by Phil Cordell

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