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How Much Exercise Do You Need In A Week?


Health check and fitness assessment Durham

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Q. From Vasili Kastashchuk

How much exercise do you need in a week?

A. 45 minutes twice a week.
B. 30 minutes three or four days a week.
C. 60 minutes at least three or four days a week.D. 30 minutes at least four or five days a week.
E. It depends on your age and overall physical-fitness level.

Answer from Fit for You

To be effective, you would need to be more specific. I could write about this for ages, but must train my clients :o)


30mins walk 3 x per week, for instance, is too little for someone who requires to tone muscles and become stronger to lift or to increase posture

45 mins intensive would be too much for a 60yr old osteoporosis client who is also overweight, hasn’t exercised since teens, and may have other health issues

60mins gym sessions twice per day, at 4-6 slow rep to failure could/would actually reduce a marathon/triathlon ability

The above reasons are why you need to get a professional trainer to assess your current physical requirements, add your personal goals and work together to build a plan to see how much exercise in a week you’d need. And to re-assess and modify as the individual improves and/or the goals change.

The recommended guidelines have been too vague & lenient over the past 20yrs, and led people to believe that 3x 1hr sessions, or 30mins per day (of whatever) will get them fit. It won’t !

Of course any exercise will have a metabolic effect (change of calories burnt daily) on your body, and anyone who has been sedentary or exercising moderately and then changes to either more intense or longer exercise (even just different) will get the ‘Training Effect’ for a period of time, if it is cardio based it will be 8weeks approx until everything levels off (even lowering metabolism) and the exercise routine will need to be modified again

Exercise in isolation is not the best thing either, without the correct nutrition your success will limited, I’ve seen people do hours of running every week, and still they look awful, no-one has explained how important the nutrition is, rest also plays a big part. I personally have had a very stressful week without as much sleep as I need, so I have done less training over the last 6 days, does everyone think about those effects to the adrenal glands etc???

Most people who have not exercised since they were at school are not; strong, flexible, lean, fast, metabolic etc, etc as they should be to have a healthy life


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