15 Minute Workout


Phil Cordell


We took the Bodyrock.tv 15 minute workout and made it just that little bit harder.


6 x 20k Bentover Row then Clean & Jerk

6 x Press-Up then leg lift (keep hips level, just feel in glutes)

As many times around in 15 minutes, aim is for 8-10 (Phil managed 10 in 13 mins 32 sec’s, just short of 11 in the 15mins)

We use a 20kg bar for the Bentover Row/Clean & Jerk, and keep knees off the floor when doing Press-Ups/Leg lift.

Look out for our circuits and general exercise routines http://fitforyou.co.uk/fitness/abdominal-exercises-1-10kg-weighted-situp/

Note : If you experience any pain or discomfort in your back or groin, please stop and contact us or your local professional trainer.

Written by Phil Cordell

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