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Health check and fitness assessment Durham

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Phil Cordell – Personal Health, Life & Fitness Coach

Hamstring Strength Training Session


Health check and fitness assessment Durham

Hamstring Strength Training session Sun 28th, with Tracy Cordell & Michael Hall;

4 Exercises
1. Hamstring Curls – Swiss Ball:
a. 6 x Toes together, heels apart
b. 6 x Heels together, toes apart
c. 6 x Feet together

2. 6 x 40k Good Mornings
3. 6 x 60k Romanian Deadlift
4. 6 x Swiss Ball, reverse Back Extensions

Repeated 3 x

Hams and low back fried!!!!

If you are wanting your legs to not only look great, but look balanced,then you have to pay attention to your hamstrings.

From Durham Personal Trainer Phil

A lot of people concentrate too much on their quads, squatting, lunging, leg press etc this can lead to an imbalance of not only shape, but size and performance. If the quads are too developed an unequal pressure can be created at the knee, causing more wear on the cartilidge and or surrounding ligaments.

To get the legs balanced it’s a good thing to consider the ratio of strength between thigh and hamstring, the hamstring should be capable of 80% appx strength of the thigh. (i.e. If the thighs can handle 100k squat for 10, the hamstring should handle 80k for 10)

With the above taken in to consideration, and the exercise performed strictly, it is beneficial to pay attention to the tempo of the repetition. The firsty 3 exercises  (hamstring curls) performed above were using a tempo of 4sec’s for the negative (ecentric) and an explosive positive (concentric) movement. The next 3 exercises were performed using a tempo of 4 sec’s for the negative (ecentric) and 2 sec’s positive (concentric) movement.

The weight here is light, as we intend to build up the session intensity over a period of 6 weeks, and wanted to get the exercise correct, as the curls are unusual in performance, the deadlifts are potentially risky and work as pre-exhausters before the reverse back-extensions.

If you get weak quickly, or you want to make more of your session, you may benefit from stretching your hip flexors (psoas) as they may tighten during this routine, thereby reducing the dynamic power of the glutes and hams.


  1. Michael Hall

    I have found this a good session as it really dose get your hams working there is a bit of skill needed but saying this its manageable after 10 mins of finding your feet.

    • Phil

      We’ve got 3 sessions over the next 3 weeks to complete, we may even advance to single leg curls, and of course continually increase the deadlift weight

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