A Favourite Paul Chek Exercise Routine


Phil Cordell


Paul Chek In Action

This is one our favourite video’s of Paul Chek demonstrating an exercise routine, a great way to cover most body parts, and fire up the metabolism

1. Walking Lunges with an Indian Club, alternating sides each step, 20 x forwards, 20 x Backwards

2. Chest Press, x 10 reps, we use the cables as Paul does, 99 lb is my max each hand to date (21-02-2011)

3. Chins, x 10 reps, alternating hands to bring forehead to, always going to full extension

4. Dumbbell/Kettlebell Swing, we use a 20kg dumbbell or a 12kg Kettlebell (the largest we have at the moment) let the bell dictate the pace of the pendulum effect, letting go of the weight at the top of the movement makes this a far more dynamic exercise

5. Swiss Ball Balance, with begginers to using the Swiss Ball we offer time just balancing, usually 1 minute total, but incorporating a bodyblade again makes for an interesting effect for the nervous system

This routine would be repeated 4 x

Written by Phil Cordell

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  1. kettlebell fanatic

    Hahaah, love it. I love his entusiasm and when at 0:56 his voice goes high pitch, 🙂

    It’s great to see a guy his age do this, cos he’ll put many 25 year olds to shame.