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We Wanna Make You Sweat – exercise routine


Health check and fitness assessment Durham
after excercise

This exercise routine was designed to fry the body, it will make a great demand on your nervous system, you can use this as a circuit routine or use the exercises individually in your training programme.

(we actually started each round with 2mins of boxing pad work each) repeated 4 x WOW!

Please make sure you are up to the standard of doing renegade press-ups with kettlebells, they require a lot of wrist stability.

The Handstand Press-Ups are developed from practicing handstands and progressing to holding the position for time & then moving on to unlocking the elbows, further each time over a period of weeks.

Please concentrate on the form of each exercise to avoid injury;

Clean & Jerk


Powerful – dynamic – confident

Renegade Row


Control – Hips Level during Row – Deep Press

Toes to Bar


Timed – Consistency throughout movement

Handstand Press-Ups


Core stability – Depth of Press – Safe

The above must be performed in a controlled manner to avoid injury and get the most from the routine, please feel free to use alternatives to make easier or harder !!


We wanted to make you sweat, and will be putting another routine together soon, to make you sweat.

Spend approximately 6 weeks performing this routine just once per week.


If you are interested in this type of work to improve your Fitness or strength, and would like more information or 1 to 1 coaching, you would be advised to contact a Personal Trainer such as myself to assess which exercises are particularly beneficial for you, and to gauge your progression.

Note : If you experience any pain or discomfort in your back or groin, please stop and contact us or your local professional trainer


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