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“Physical, mental or lifestyle changes may take time. The results are worth it."

Phil Cordell – Personal Health, Life & Fitness Coach

Climbing High for Diabetes


Health check and fitness assessment Durham

Phil Climbing for Diabetes Charity

Climbing High for Diabetes (Article by Troy Publicity)

A company specialising in health and fitness consultancy is encouraging us all to help prevent the onset of diabetes through simple changes to diet and lifestyle.
Phil Cordell of Fit for You based in County Durham took part in a sponsored climb in aid of Diabetes UK, the leading diabetes charity.

Phil explains that in adults, the onset of type II diabetes takes 10 years of exposure to a poor diet. “As the NHS only diagnose when you are a diabetic, prevention really is better than the cure”

Type II diabetes occurs when the consumption of sugary foods over years, exceeds what the body muscles need for exercise. This forces the body to gradually make more and more insulin to bring this sugar level down. Eventually, the body can not make enough insulin to lower the sugar level and this level remains chronically high, resulting in the individual being diagnosed with Diabetes.

At Fit for You we have the information and tools available to help people make the changes to their lifestyle, whether they have been diagnosed with diabetes or not. The current diet culture of too much processed sugars that are often hidden in food causes stress to the pancreas and liver. The pancreas is stimulated when sugar is ingested, as the pancreas is only supposed to ‘fire up’ twice a day, eating sugar more than twice a day increases the chances of damaging the pancreas.

If we concentrate on eating the right food, a healthy balance of animal protein, fat and complex carbohydrates, we are much less likely to over stimulate the sugar controlling organs. Keeping to three balanced meals a day, with only water in between will maintain a steady energy supply, healthy body fats and moderate glucose levels

At Fit for You we can evaluate an individual’s specific ratio of animal protein, fat and complex carbohydrates and determine which foods may be preventing them from losing body fat, as this differs from person to person.

If by raising awareness of these facts I can help people avoid becoming diabetic, or if they are already diabetic, decrease potential complications, then I am doing what Fit for You is about; improving peoples fitness through testing, education, training and coaching.


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