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Winter Golf Warm Up!


Health check and fitness assessment Durham

Winter should not be the only time we warm up for exercise, a warm up is necessary prior to all exercise, and some of my clients choose a warm up program just to start the day. To exercise or, perform in a sport, with cold muscles leaves you at risk of injury as, the muscles can be lacking in blood flow, short in length, and possibly injured without you feeling it.

The idea of a warm up is to prepare the body for exercise, this is done by moving the body in such a way that at least the muscles that are going to be exercised are increasingly mobilised replicating use in the exercise/sport, to the point that you can safely start the exercise/sport, and reduce risk of injury. You should be able to spot if the body is performing ok to take part in the sport, as sometimes an injury can lay dormant especially in amateur athletes.

Tpis : Two effective warm ups

The golf warm up can not only prepare the muscles but also the nervous system, allowing further rotation, as described in earlier articles, rotaition is a very important requirement for golf.

Seated Rotation

A lot of amateur athletes lack rotation regrdless of the sport, and for golf it is imperative that you use as much rotation as possible, to warm up most would stand and put a club across the shoulders, and twist the body from one side to the other. Usually I see that the hips move so mch that this has no positive effect on the waist mobility, and actually comprimises the knee joint. The torso rotation, can be better done seated, use a golf club if you like, gradually increase the range of rotation as the muscles get used to the movement.

Eye to Hand Coordination

This movement is great at aiding the rotation by exercising the peripheral visual pattern alongside neck rotation. Start by facing something stationary, it is important to keep your hips fixed and your head square to your shoulders throughout the warm-up. Rotate your torso into your backswing as far as you can, note how far you can turn by what you are facing, go back to your start position, now hold your arm (right if you play right handed) out in front with the thumb upwards at eye level, this time, start to move your arm towards your backswing, keeping your eyes head and torso still, just follow your thumb with your peripheral vision, steadily repeat this up to 10 times. Then test improvement by rotating your torso keeping your hips still and head square to shoulders, you will notice the improvement, there are a few further levels to this, I’ve seen as much as 15% increase in rotation on a young competitive golfer. An Excellent Golf Warm Up!!


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