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Health check and fitness assessment Durham

“Physical, mental or lifestyle changes may take time. The results are worth it."

Phil Cordell – Personal Health, Life & Fitness Coach

How to use your Fitness Trainers Advice


Health check and fitness assessment Durham

Fit for You

Fit for You are here to ‘train’ you in the best way to keep healthy for your wants and needs.

Our Fitness Trainers Advice

The current advised exercise sessions to maintain health, are 3x1hr per week, & to develop health are 4-7 x 1hr per week, for rehabilitation in any area, you would be required to do the maximum amount of sessions per week within your trainers advice, until the problem area becomes a maintenance area.

Fit for You work on a ‘minimum’ of one session p/week with your trainer up to 3 per week, the other sessions would be your responsibility, although we give you exercise routines to do at home, you still have to do them to get the benefit.

Based on you needing to do 3 sessions per week, it is averaged at 156 training sessions per year, a minimum 48-52 with fit for you.

Remember this is the requirement to maintain a fit & healthy body, along with the nutrition and rest.

Fit for You provide; exercise training, personal training, exercise routines, dietary advice, nutritional assessments,flexibility assessments, flexibility advice, rehabilitation, massage, life coaching every reason to keep your regular appointment.


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