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Golf training Tips on how to put a home plan together!


Health check and fitness assessment Durham
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It may sound simplistic, with a small investment in equipment you could put together some tools for a golf training plan up to a very high degree and improve your play. No need to go to the gym, but you’ll have to train smart, as traditional gym exercises are counterproductive to playing better golf.

If you need to get stronger knees do knee strengthening work, for a stronger back do posture and back strengthening exercises, for more consistency in your game/stroke stability exercises are required and for flexibility you must include stretches in your daily program. If you choose not to plan your Golf training in this way, you’re unlikely to reach anywhere near full potential, and will likely experience progressive injuries.

Please concentrate on the rules mentioned in previous editions of this column;

1. Posture and Flexibility = Consistency – injury free – accuracy – longevity

2. Stability = Accuracy – control –

3. Strength = Endurance-Consistency throughout game

4. Power = Distance

The above must be developed in the order shown, you are unable to develop power if you cannot adopt a good posture or have tight muscles, if you get the power but are unstable, the distance may be in the wrong direction, i.e. lack of accuracy.


Basic Equipment: Swiss-ball, free weights, a step, a mat.

Spend a minimum of 6 weeks stretching all muscles to get the optimum flexibility, and posture. For all of the muscles that you have that require developing, perform the stretch immediately before sleep. (30 exercises approx)

The following 6 weeks is spent perfecting stability exercises, practice putting from sitting on a Swiss-ball, or driving whilst standing in stability discs or a thick, soft rubber mat. Rotational exercises, free or holding weight as you progress, these exercises involve using a Swiss-ball, and building up from slow deliberate moves, to dynamic powerful moves as your strength develops. (12 exercises approx)

Core work that I advise all of my golfing clients to do at this stage could be; all fours cross-crawl work, feet on Swiss-ball hands on floor static hold, then develop to lift one hand off the floor. (15 exercises approx)

Strengthening work would include; for knees stepping off a 10” step, tapping the floor backwards and forwards making sure the knee and the toes are pointing in the same direction, for back and thighs a 50o bent-over row and multi-directional lunges with weight (building up to a minimum of 20kg for ladies) across shoulders. (12 exercises approx)


If you are interested in this type of work to improve your Golf, and would like more information or 1 to 1 coaching, you would be advised to contact a Golf Biomechanic such as myself to assess which exercises are particularly beneficial for you, and to gauge your progression.


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