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Health check and fitness assessment Durham

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Health check and fitness assessment Durham

When was the last time you improved your score?

What are you doing about injuries, or swing faults?

It is very common for me to meet golfers who continue to get back, shoulder or golfing elbow pain, in addition, have not improved there score for over a year or more, and I am talking about very intelligent people. They take advice from a friend who is equally limited on progress, or from magazines, without any real understanding of their own restrictions and underlying factors that are necessary for improvement. There is a big difference from reading books and magazines about being in business, and actually owning and running a successful business.

I have found it increasingly amazing that people will continue to do the same thing and expect a different result, physical pain or discomfort, little or no performance improvement, but still they carry on with the same methods. Do you know of any other sport/hobby that would find this acceptable?

I have taken another quote from Paul Chek’ Golf Biomechanic’s Manual. There are four physical factors that must be addressed in order to be able to provide the four factors necessary to control ball flight (clubface alignment, swing path, angle of attack and speed.)

These are:

1. Muscle Balance and Flexibility

2. Static and Dynamic Postural Stability

3. Strength

4. Power


It is important to address these factors in the correct order.

1. The first step in the Whole in One Golf Conditioning program is to improve flexibility, as this is a catalyst for all subsequent aspects of golf conditioning.

2. Once flexibility is restored to appropriate areas and the musculoskeletal system is balanced, then static and dynamic postural stability can be handled.

3. Stability is important since a stable body creates a solid framework for all movements and activities. Additionally a stable, well-balanced body is less likely to be injured. When stability is achieved, strength can be built using functional movement patterns that will readily transfer to the game of golf.

4. Finally, the last progression is to develop power – the more power a golfer can transfer from his or her body through the club to the ball, the farther he or she will be able to drive the ball. Any attempts to improve golf strength or power without first restoring flexibility and stability will always prove to be less fruitful and more likely lead to injury!

So, there is something that can be done, a straight-forward specific process, that will address all of your requirements to improve your game, score, health, comfort and longevity in the game of Golf.

Before implementing an exercise program for a golfer, the exercises selected and the program design strategy should be evaluated, considering each of the five components above, to ensure that function will be improved.


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