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“Physical, mental or lifestyle changes may take time. The results are worth it."

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Emotional source of disease


Health check and fitness assessment Durham

Emotional source of disease

Below is a list of common diseases and emotional attachment that is thought to be associated with emotional wellness. The method of addressing both the physical and the emotional connection to these illnesses is considered the only way to truly overcome the problem.

Take a look at the list…..

Does anyone else have any further information on this subject?

~~Anorexia~~ Self-hate, denial of life nourishment.
~~Bulimia ~~ Not good enough.
~~Arms ~~ Ability to embrace, old emotions held in joints.
~~Arthritis ~~ Pattern of criticism of self and others, perfectionism.
~~Asthma ~~ Smother-love, guilt complex, inferiority complex.
~~Back ~ Upper ~~ Not feeling supported emotionally needing support .
~~Middle~~ Guilt.
~~Lower ~~ Burnout, worrying about money.
~~Breasts ~~ Mothering, over mothering a person! Place! Thing! Experience.
~~Breast cancer ~~ Deep resentment attached to over-mothering .
~~Burns, Boils ~~ Fevers, itis, sores, swellings, anger.
~~Cancer ~~ Deep resentment, distrust, self pity, hopelessness, helplessness.
Colon –
~~Constipation ~~Is inability to let go, constipation lack of trust of
having enough, hoarding.
~~Diarrhea ~~ Is fear of holding.
~~Ears ~~ Too hard to accept what is said.
~~Earaches ~~ Anger. Deafness = refusal to listen.
~~Feet ~~ Self-understanding, moving forward .
~~Fingers~Index~~Ego, anger, fear.
~~Thumb ~~ Worry.
~~Middle ~~ Anger, right: a man / left: a woman (Hold with the opposite
hand to release).
~~Ring ~~ Unions with grief.
~~Little ~~ Family and pretending.
~~Genitals ~~ Femininity or masculinity issues, rejecting sexuality, ‘sex is
dirty’, ‘the body is un-clean’.
~~Bladder infection~~ Being pissed off, holding in hurts.~ ~
~~Prostate ~~ Self-worth and sexual prowess.
~~Impotence ~~ Fear or spite against mate.
~~Frigidity ~~ Fear, sexual guilt, self-disgust.
~~PMS ~~ Denial of female cycles or female worth.
~~VD ~~ Sexual guilt.
~~Hands ~~Holding on too tightly to money or relationships.
~ ~Arthritis~~self-criticism, internalizing criticism, criticizing others
~~Head ~~ Us, what we show the world, something radically “Wrong!!”
~~Headaches ~~ Invalidating the self
~~Heart ~~ Heart is love and blood is joy.
~~Heart attacks ~~ Are a denial and squeezing out of love and joy
~~Knees ~~ Inflexibility Unable to bend, pride, ego, stubbornness, fear of
change, self-righteousness
~~Legs ~~ Fear or reluctance of moving forward, not wanting to move.
~~Varicose veins~~ standing where we hate.
~~Lungs ~~ Inability to take in and give out life, denial of life.
~~Emphysema or too much smoking~~ denial of life, inferiority
~~Migraines~~ Anger and perfectionism, frustration. Masturbate to stop!!
~~Neck~~ Flexibility issues.
~~Overweight~~Needing protection, needing security.
~~Pain ~~ Guilt seeking punishment, notice where it manifests.
~~Sinus~~ Irritated by someone.
~~Skin~~ Threatened individuality, others have power over you.
~~Thin-skinned~~ feeling skinned alive, need self nurturing.
~~Stiffness Stiff body~~stiff mind, inflexibility, fear, ‘only one way’,
resistance to change. Where it manifests = where pattern is.
~~Stomach ~~ Inability to digest ideas and experiences. Who or what can you
stomach? Fear Strokes, Negative thinking, stopping of joy, forcing change of
~~Swelling ~~ Stagnated thinking, bottled up tears, feeling trapped.
~~Throat ~~ Fear of change, inability to speak up, anger, frustrated
too angry to speak; sore throat, anger.
~~Tonsillitis or Thyroid ~~ stifled creativity, deeply stifled creativity
~~Tumors ~~ False growth, tormenting an old hurt, not allowing healing.
~~Uterine tumors ~~Nursing slights to femininity, misogyny.
~~Ulcers ~~ Fear, not being good enough, lack of self worth.

Although some people may not think there is a connection to emotion and disease, try feeling depressed when you are jumping on a trampoline……

There is a lot to be said for taking into consideration the emotional situation of a personal training client when you are prescribing exercise and dietary changes to their life, are you adding more stress??


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